The Purdons are Wearing Out Their Dancing Shoes

square dance 5 Hi Square Dancers…Just a few blurbs to say what we have been up to this summer. 

We started the spring off with a Camp Out Weekend at Tees, Ab. dancing to Jerry.  Was a great weekend and even the weather worked with us this year.  Then a few of us went on to Fort McLeod to dance to Jerry and Tony’s Caller Lab.  Was so interesting watching and dancing to the callers taking part.  We had such a good time and learned to respect what callers have to learn to become good callers.

Next was another weekend at Wilton Park (we had to miss this one, but I hear it was a great weekend as usual). 

In June we all trekked off to Rocky Mountain House to another fun weekend dancing again to Jerry.   We had great dancing and Hats Off to the clubs for putting on such fun weekends.

Still more in store for July and August….time will tell which ones we can take part is so much fun to meet everyone at these weekends…dance our legs off, visit and have pot luck supper on Saturday nights.  Hope we can keep up with it all until we return to Yuma for another winter of fun and dancing.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this fall…

Bye from Lyalle and Zelda Purdon

P.S.  took lots of pictures but not having luck in downloading…so…….


Jerry Calls Internationally This Summer


Jerry has been traveling the world over this summer, as usual.  He and Janice were able to take some time to play tourist when she joined him earlier this summer in France.





More recently, ABC taped this clip featuring Jerry when he called for a convention in Tasmania (Australia).

Jerry calls to more than 500 in Tasmania

Thanks for being a great international ambassador for square dancing, Jerry!

In Memory of Lorne

2010-12-12 - AZ, Yuma - YSRDA December Association Dance - 1118It is with deep regret that we must post the news of the unfortunate passing of fellow Yuma dancer, Lorne Cole.

Lorne and wife, Joann, were in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan visiting with Lornes’ daughter and their grandchildren when he suffered a fatal heart attack.

It is a shock for something like this to happen to such a youthful, vibrant and fun loving friend. Our thoughts will be with Joann, his daughters Sheri and Tanya and their families.

But let us also remember "our Lorne", and the many dances where his smiling face, and welcoming smile added so much to our evening.  You did not need to know Lorne and Joann well to become their friends.  Always willing to help you out (or into) trouble Lornes’ quick laugh (especially if he felt he had put one over on you) was a joy to hear.  There are many stories that could be told (and probably some that should not be) and I am sure many of you will have your own memories. 

Lorne loved to dance.  Perhaps at your next dance, you could dance “one for Lorne”. 

He will be missed!

Thanks to Gerri Kuehn for writing this post.

Allemande Reft!

 Jim and Myra Nasser ShukayerWe went to a square dance this past Saturday night & we had a guest caller from Texas. His name is Nasser Shukayer.

He really put on a show. First we had to learn some new calls & each time we did these calls, he would add one more step. Whenever he said {GO} We would have to do all of these steps by heart.  It got up to about 10 or 12 steps we would have to remember.  That taxed a lot of people’s brains including mine.

Then he used some JapaneseAmerican lingo. The Japanese can’t pronounce the letter L. So they say R in a word. I remember this when I lived over there. To say the word “election” they would say “erection” instead. Of course this goes on & on. You can imagine when he said “right & left”, it would come out “right & reft”. Imagine trying to go through a whole tip like that.

Then, he informed us that the young generation would be dancing to Rap music in the future.  We also danced to that.He had everyone in stitches by the end of the evening.  

I don’t know if you have ever heard of this guy, but if you get a chance to dance to him, it will be worth your while. Sorry, I didn’t have my camera, so no pictures of the dance.

Jim & Myra Kemper

Editor’s note…I found this site on the internet with humorous essays by Nasser that you might like to read.

Square Dance Article Co-Op

Also, if you are interested in contacting Nasser to call for your club, he has a few dates for the summer still open.  You’ll find them on his website at

The Emerys Attend a Fun Dance

We went to Spokane the end of March to Johnny Preston’s dance. We danced Friday evening, Saturday morning, afternoon and evening to Johnny Preston and Hunter Keller.  Cuer was Jim & Vonnie Spence.

The group picture is the 3 1/2 squares of us Canadians, and there is a  picture of Johnny & Hunter round dancing to Jim’s cueing. The dance was very well executed.

I just wish I had gotten the last picture of them at the end of the dance. The caller/cuer picture is Hunter Johnny,  Vonnie & Jim. We are finally starting to get spring.

Ed & Norma

Branson & Spokane 102      Branson & Spokane 103 Branson & Spokane 104      Branson & Spokane 106

Branson & Spokane 107

Branson & Spokane 112      Branson & Spokane 108        Branson & Spokane 114

Monday Night Fun and Food

logWondering what you’ll do now that the dance season is almost over?  Steve and Patty have an idea for Monday Nights.  Meet with them and other square dancers at Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner!  Monday nights at 5 p.m. until further notice!  All are welcome!logan's

It’s Birthday Time!!

Wow !

It’s that time againcake copy

92nd Birthday Party


for Al Westphal

Monday, March 26

Please join us at Sun Vista

7:00 Pre-rounds with Patty

7:30 Plus dance with Steve

Cake and ice cream & birthday card provided

Imagine, 92 candles on one cake