2012 Celebrate Arizona’s Centennial

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centennialWell over a year ago, a committee chaired by Bunny Riley began the work to make the 2012 Yuma Square and Round Dance Festival an official event of the Arizona Centennial Celebration.  After hours of research and completing multi-paged forms, the committee had succeeded.  Our Association had earned the right to display the State Centennial Logo.  The work had just begun.

It took many people spending many hours to pull it all together. 

prison As the planning progressed, more and more ideas were added to make the event truly special.  Bunny spent the year collecting photos and memorabilia of Yuma spanning the century.  Presidents Tom and Londa Mannan worked with the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park to have a special dance there during the Festival.


clip_image0012-11-12 yrsda festival 008The decision was made to invite the California Heritage Dancers to provide demonstrations throughout the Festival.  This proved to be one of the most popular additions to the Festival.

Plans were also made to ask dancers to wear period clothing for the Saturday evening dance.


Ribbons were printed bearing the Centennial Logo.  Dangles were ordered to commemorate both the year and the prison dance.centennial for blog  jailbird for blog

misc0003As is usually the case, time seemed to fly, and it was February  10, opening day of the Festival. 


Volunteers started arriving at the Civic Center at 7:30 a.m. to lay the temporary Mainstream floor and hang the many decorations.

Main Hall Decorations

Festival Decorations








RV’s had begun arriving the night before.

 Dry Camping (1)  

Wagonmasters were Bob and Jo Claire, assisted here by Bob Tallman.

Dry Camping (2)

Rigs of all size lined the rows from large to small.Dry Camping (3)






Friday Night

Yuma weather could not have cooperated more for the Festival.  Friday was a beautiful day, sunny and warm. 

Civic Center

Welcome Banner (2)








Greeters were ready at the door.


Buzz and Jeannine had their crew waiting at the Registration Desk.

Registration Desk

Ron prepared to sell dangles.


Myra was his first customer.  The dangles would sell out before the evening was over.


Ann Carslay was sporting a Prison Dangle very similar to this year’s dangle that she earned in the 80’s dancing at the Prison on what she described as a “very windy day”.

Anne Carslay-1 Anne Carslay - 2








Vendors were ready for customers. Vendors this year were Mondiki, Cloud 9 Dance Shoes, Advanced Tech Orthotics and Yuma Photo.

Advanced Tech Orthodics

Mondiki Dance Apparel

Yuma PhotoCloud 9 Dance Shoes

The brochure table was ready.

Brochure Table (2)Brochure Table (1)

Working behind the scenes, filling a very important role, were Pete and Linda, with their helpers, Jerry and Ruthie.

Water Crew 1

Water Crew 2








In the hall, Al and his workers had rolls of 50/50 tickets on hand.

50-50 Crew

The Civic Center soon began to fill with dancers.  Some renewed old friendships, while others took the opportunity to shop.  Friends

Shopping 1Shopping 2








The Prison display in the main hall became a favorite place for photos. 

David and Karen at Prison

Round Dancers enjoyed the Pre-Rounds with Cuer John Herr.

Friday Pre-Rounds

The California Heritage Dancers gave the first of 4 demonstrations of dancing as it would have been in 1912.  They performed moves

that looked familiar, California Heritage Dancers (1)  

moves that looked entangling, California Heritage Dancers (2)

and moves that produced thunderous applause.California Heritage Dancers (3)

Tom Mannan, President, welcomed everyone and introduced the Calling and Cuing Staff for the weekend, Callers, Jerry Jestin, Johnny Preston and Ken Bower, and Cuers, Kristine Nelson and John Herr.

  Introduction by Tom Mannan

The floor filled with dancers for the first tip featuring all three callers.

Friday Opening Tip 

Following an evening of dancing fun in three separate halls, all dancers returned to the main hall for one final tip and another demonstration by the Heritage Dancers.

Heritage Dancers (4)

Final Tip.

Saturday Daytime

Saturday daytime was filled with workshops.

Saturday Workshops

In decades past, Yuma Square Dancers were known as the Yuma Jailbirds.  They dressed in costumes that featured black and white stripes.  In the sixties to eighties, a popular event was to earn your jailbird dangle by dancing at the prison.

Dancers at the prison made front page news at least twice. 

The first image is from March 3, 1969.

  jail dance 1969-03-02b ps

The caption reads:

KICKS HEELS – Debbie Stinson 15 of Mr and Mrs J Stinson 1124 SI roe I kicks up her at the Square Dance Festival here this weekend She and her family all earned a Jailbird for two dances he Yuma Territorial Prison Saturday Over 150 persons festival from southwestern slates

In the second image (lower right corner) from March 7, 1971, the caption reads

JAILBIRD DANCERS Jail bars at the Yuma Prison form a frame for dancers attending the Yuma Square Dancers Association Festival being held here this weekend All who dance at the prison courtyard receive a badge identifying them as a jailbird The festival ends at noon today after two nights of square dancing Grand ball was at Kofa High last night.

jail dance 1971-03-07b pc

Several dancers from this year’s Festival took the time to drive up to the prison to dance.   Prison Dance (4)Bob Stutevoss called for the hour long dance on the concrete plaza overlooking the Ocean to Ocean bridge and Mission.

Prison Dance (2)Prison Dance (1)













Dancers, as well as onlookers, enjoyed the event despite the slant to the surface and the warm temperatures.

Prison Dance (6)  Prison Dance Onlookers

Jan assisted Bob by holding an umbrella over the record player to prevent sun damage to the records.Prison Dance (3)

Several dancers came in black and white colors, but Larry and Dolly really got into the spirit of the event by wearing their “prison uniforms”.

Prison Dance (5)

Saturday Evening

Saturday evening opened with another demonstration by the California Heritage Dancers.  This time, clothed in their more formal apparel, their dance included many intricate waltz steps.  One could feel the specialness of wearing the tux or hoop skirts while gliding across the ballroom floor in the early 1900’s.

California Heritage Dancers Saturday 1st (2)

California Heritage Dancers Saturday 1st (1)

The Grand March, directed by Arnold Tramp, followed, taking several minutes for all the participating dancers to enter the hall.

Grand March (2)

Grand March (1)

The Color Guard, consisting of teen members of the Civil Air Patrol, presented the flags of the United States and Canada in an impressive display of precision. 

Color Guard

Lance Watterberg gave the invocation.Lance Watterberg, Invocation

Mayor Alan L. Krieger was on hand to welcome the dancers.Mayor Alan L. Krieger

Presidents Tom and Londa Mannan thanked their staff and introduced the Callers and Cuers.

President Tom Mannan introduces Callers and CuersPresidents Tom and Londa Mannan

Each of the three halls was a swirl of colors throughout the evening.


Mainstream Sat (1)     Mainstream Sat (2)


 Plus Sat (1)   Plus Sat (2)


A-1 Sat (1)  A-1 Sat (2)

Those in the A-1 Hall experienced a special treat when Johnny Preston added his vocal rendition to John Herr’s cuing for one of the rounds.

Johnny and John

Soon, it was the end of the evening, and time for the last tip.

Following that tip, the Heritage Dancers gave one last demonstration.

Heritage Dancers Sat (1)     

We owe this group a huge thanks for showing us how different and yet how similar dancing 100 years ago was. 

Heritage Dancers Sat (3)

They truly brought the Centennial theme alive for us!


Sunday Donut Dance

Before we knew it, it was early Sunday Morning.  Two of the first dancers up were Hoyt and Bernice, getting the coffee and donuts ready for the rest of us.

 Hoyt and Bernice with Donuts

Dancers arrived with sore toes, but big smiles.

Sunday Morning

Not everyone was relaxing, however.  Some were working to take the floor up from the Mainstream Hall and the decorations down from all the halls.

Sunday Breakdown (1)

Sunday Breakdown (2)    Sunday Breakdown (3)

The morning’s casual dance featured callers and cuers from the floor.

Dancers literally filled the floor as the Festival Callers kicked off the morning with the first tip.

Sunday Dancers

Festival Callers

Other Callers and Cuers included

Barbara Haines, Sun Lakes Sun DancersBarbara Haines, Cuer, Sun Lakes Sun Dancers

Bob TallmanBob Tallman, Caller

Kristine NelsonKristine Nelson, Festival Cuer

John HerrJohn Herr, Festival Cuer

LarryKraber, Saddlebrooke SquaresLarry Kraber, Caller, Saddlebrooke Squares

Joan Tharme, Wild Rose Country DancersJoan Tharme, Cuer, Wild Rose Country Dancers

Tom GrayTom Gray, Caller

Ron Noble Ron Noble, Cuer

And then, it was over.  Time to start thinking about next year’s Festival, under the planning of Patt and Gene Jones, Presidents.


THANK YOU to Everyone who made this Festival a success.  We could not begin to list them all from the Presidents to those who work almost unnoticed behind the scenes, Thank You, each and every one, and especially, Thank You to you, the dancers, who attended the Festival, for without you, there would be no Festival!

Photo Slideshows from the weekend can be accessed by clicking on the collages below;  each collage opens the photos from a different segment of the Festival.

Friday Opening Tip collage Click here for photos from Friday’s Pre-Rounds, First & Last Tip


Friday Mainstream Hall1 Click here for photos from Friday’s Mainstream Hall


Friday Plus Hall 2Click here for photos from Friday’s Plus Hall


Friday A1 Hall 22Click here for photos from  Friday A-1 Hall


Friday Heritage Dancers 2Click here for photos from Friday California Heritage Dancers


Saturday OpeningClick here for photos from  Saturday Opening Ceremonies


Saturday Pre-Rounds, First and Final TipClick here for photos from Saturday Pre-Rounds, First and Last Tip


Saturday Mainstream 2 Click here for photos from Saturday Mainstream Hall


Satruday Plus HallClick here for photos from Saturday Plus Hall 


Saturday A1 2 Click here for photos from Saturday A-1 Hall


Saturday Heritage Dancers 2 Click here for photos from Saturday California Heritage Dancers


Festival Candid ShotsClick here for photos from Festival Candid Shots


Sunday Donut Dance Start Click here for photos from Sunday Donut Dance


Photos by Anita Adamson, Ron Adamson, and Bernice Odom


Celebrate Arizona’s Centennial Festival – February 10, 11, 12


Coming to the Yuma Civic Center

This Weekend

Celebrating Arizona’s 100 the birthday,

AND 62 years of Square Dancing in Yuma, AZ

Celebrate Arizona’s Centennial


2102 YSRDA Festival

Callers:  Ken Bower, Johnny Preston, Jerry Jestin


   Cuers: John & Karen Herr, Kristine and Bruce Nelson, Jerry Jestin



 Special Festival Events:


Saturday’s Edwardian Era Dance

         (Dancers encourage to wear period clothing)

Territorial Prison Dance (signups closed – full)

California Heritage Dancers


For complete details, and a full schedule, see our website at:


2012 Celebrate Arizona’s Centennial – Yuma Square and Round Dance Festival Schedule


MAIN HALL – all dancers

6:45 pm Pre-Rounds – Herr


7:30 pm Mainstream Tip – All Callers



7:45 – 8:45 pm Preston & Herr

8:45 – 9:45 pm Bower & Nelson



7:45 – 8:45 pm Bower & Nelson

8:45 – 9:45 pm Jestin & Jestin



7:45 – 8:45 pm Jestin & Jestin

8:45 – 9:45 pm Preston & Herr


MAIN HALL – all dancers

9:45 – 10:00 pm Mainstream Tip – All Callers



1/2 MAIN HALL – West Side (PLUS LEVEL)

9:30 – 10:25 am Workshop – Jestin

10:30 – 11:25 am Workshop – Preston


1/2 MAIN HALL – East Side (ROUNDS)

9:30 -10:55 am Phase V Workshop – Herr

11:00 – 11:30 am Phase II Workshop – Herr



9:30 – 10:25 am MS Dance – Preston

10:30 – 11:25 am Workshop – Jestin



9:30 -10:25 am A-1 Workshop – Bower

10:30 – 11:30 am A-1 Dance – Bower




2:00 pm Dance in the Guard Tower – Bob Stutevoss Calling

1/2 MAIN HALL – West Side (PLUS LEVEL)

1:30 – 2:25 pm Workshop – Bower

2:30 – 3:25 pm Workshop – Jestin


1/2 MAIN HALL – East Side (ROUNDS)

1:30-2:25 pm Phase IV Workshop – Nelson
2:30-3:25 pm  Phase III Workshop – Herr
3:30-4:00 pm  All level round dance – Herr and Nelson


West Wing – (MAINSTREAM LEVEL – see also Mainstream Dance below at 3:30 pm)

1:30-2:25 pm  Workshop – Jestin
2:30-3:25 pm.  Workshop – Bower



1:30 – 2:25 pm A-2 Workshop – Preston

2:30 – 3:25 pm A-2 Dance – Preston






Main Hall – all dancers

6:45 pm  Pre-Rounds–Herr
7:15 pm  HERITAGE DANCERS demo
7:30 pm  Grand March
7:45-8:00  pm  Mainstream Tip – All Callers



8:05 – 9:00 pm  Bower and Herr
9:05 – 10:00 pm  Preston and Nelson



8:05-9:00 pm  Preston and Nelson
9:05-10:00 pm  Jestin and Jestin


8:05-9:00 pm  A-1  Jestin and Jestin
9:05-10:00 pm A-2  Bower and Herr


MAIN HALL – All dancers

10:00 pm  Mainstream tip–staff callers
10:15 pm  HERITAGE DANCERS demo



MAIN HALL – Front Half

8:00 – 8:30 am Coffee and Donuts

8:30 – 10:30 am Mainstream Dance

Festival and Guest Callers and Cuers